OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Earphones TWS Bluetooth 5.3 Active Noise Cancellation Headphone

GBP139.00 (Ex Vat)


  • Model: OnePlus Buds Pro 2
  • Noise reduction: 48dB personalized noise reduction
  • 4K ultra-wideband noise reduction
  • Personalized noise reduction
  • Intelligent scene noise reduction 2.0
  • Call: 3mic AI
  • Sound quality: 11mm+6mm double dynamic coil
  • Audio codec format: LHDC/AAC/SBC/LC3
  • Delay: 54ms
  • Headphone life: ANC On: 6H/25H, ANC Off: 9H/39H
  • Headphone waterproof (excluding charging box): IP55

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Hi-Res certified studio-quality acoustic sound
Noise reduction depth of up to 48dB, ultra-wide band width of 4000Hz for voice noise reduction
The bass is outstanding, and the treble is detailed, thanks to the coaxial dual-unit acoustic system.
High-quality audio listening experience
Industry-leading ultra-low gaming latency of 54ms
Management of cervical spine health

Listening Experience with Hi-Fi Audio Quality
Using the dual-unit crossover design idea from high-end audio, the newly updated dual-unit is structured in coaxial form to precisely integrate the crossover point, and the frequency response range is fully increased to 10-40KHz, allowing for rich and sensitive sound quality. Everything to restore the original beauty of the sound, the low frequency is thick and powerful, the medium frequency is gentle and lovely, and the high frequency is clear and dazzling.

Hi-Res Certified – Studio-class native audio quality
The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 are compatible with the industry-leading LHDC 5.0 Ultra HD transmission standard, which provides up to 1Mbps and four times the music detail of typical transmission protocols.

One step faster in game reaction
Latency as low as 54ms

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Bluetooth, NFC

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