Vive By HTC Cosmos VR Headset

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Dive into your creative space, immerse yourself in exciting worlds, and discover new ways to learn and stay active. VIVE Cosmos is the world’s first VR system with a suite of versatile modular options. Go beyond just gaming. Elevate your VR experience.

HTC Vive Cosmos modular virtual reality headset with high-resolution display and precise tracking for immersive gaming and social experiences.

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Refined From the inside out.

Six camera sensors and the latest software optimizations enhance inside-out tracking accuracy. Supports a wide field of view (FOV) and six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) for greater freedom of movement.

Excellent graphics quality.

View text and graphics through a 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution—the most impressive VIVE visual resolution yet. All-new LCD panels reduce the distance between pixels, minimizing the screen-door effect.

Quick and easy setup.

Inside-out tracking enables plug-and-play portability. Pairs with a wide-array of VR-ready PC desktops and laptops. No base stations needed.

Minimal interruptions and easy fit.

Go between reality and virtual reality in seconds with the flip-up design — all without disrupting your immersive journey.

The crown fit makes putting on the headset quick and easy. Suits a wide range of face shapes, vision types, and even fits over glasses. Enjoy comfortable viewing with Eye Comfort Setting (IPD).

High-quality audio is integrated into on-ear, form-fitting headphones. Experience great sound during extended VR adventures.

Take control.

Style meets utility. Glows during active use. Emitted light ensures accurate tracking on controllers. Get an edge with precision joysticks.

External Tracking Faceplate

SteamVRTM Tracking enables precision and freedom of movements. Swing a racket behind your head, or crisscross your swords—moves at all angles are quick and smooth. Snap on this accessory to VIVE Cosmos to enjoy external tracking up to 100m x2.

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Dark Blue


20 cm x 9.665 cm x 4.043 cm

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Power cable, USB charging cable, holder, clip, PCIe WiGig card, power bank, headset cable, 2 x head pads, wireless link box



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