Aya Neo AIR Pro Handheld Windows Gaming PC, 512GB, White

GBP750.00 (Ex Vat)


  • Ultra-light & thin (AYANEO AIR: 18mm, AYANEO AIR Pro: 21.6mm)
  • 5-inch AMOLED 1920 x 1080 / TP Multi-touch Display
  • Small Hall Joystick & Hall Trigger
  • Fingerprint scanner and rapid-screen wake-up
  • All-around connectivity (USB-C, USB 3.0, 3.5mm Audio)
  • 7350mAh 28Wh Battery

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Ultra-light & skinny OLED Windows Handheld
Between best and reality, in the identify of air. Introducing the AIR concept into the new collection of AYANEO gaming handhelds. Subvert the regular notion of Windows gaming handhelds. Create an magnificent journey of sight and touch. Gather all the energies of leaping dreams. Open a new product line and construct a new world of Windows gaming handhelds for you.

Ultra-thin & light
AYANEO AIR used to be developed with thin & mild craftsmanship. Combining and compressing about 3500 components, the end result is a Windows gaming handheld with the equal overall performance as a laptop computer through a hard stacking design. It’s a streamlined graph barring screws on the back.

There are solely 2 screws in the visible area of the most important body, finishing the tremendous engineering wonder of Windows gaming handhelds. Go beyond the previous gaming handheld graph to achieve a gorgeous touch feeling of thin & light.

Smooth Performance
AYANEO AIR brings gamers an APU that has never been adopted on Windows gaming handhelds. That is the AMD Ryzen T 5 5560U which has never regarded on the market in the past. It is in line with the positioning and requirements of a gaming handhelds. It has no longer solely low strength consumption but additionally can run 3A games smoothly. Therefore, it is the very APU that can perfectly balance overall performance and power consumption.

Efficient cooling system
AYANEO AIR considers the thickness of the device, the warmness dissipation and the battery lifestyles underneath high electricity consumption, which flawlessly solves constraints of restrained house for inside shape and stacking of a variety of elements of PCB in the skinny & mild gadget body. A new set of cooling, device is designed for the compact space, which includes high-pressure faster cooling followers and copper tube cooling modules. Whether they are indie video games or 3A titles, players will not worry about device’s cooling capabilities, what is more, the recreation ride will now not be affected by way of noise.

High-precision Hall trigger

The Hall trigger, in contrast with the mechanical design of the typical ones, makes the player’s sport operation greater precise. The pressing stroke is 7.5 mm, which can gain 0.09 mm pressing accuracy. Surpassing the millimeter level of precision, the trigger’s silky feeling brings gamers a refreshing gaming experience!

Breathtaking and exceptional gaming administration software: AYA Space

AYANEO will bring players a more beautiful Ul inter- face. Developers round the world can enhance small ap- plications for AYA Space for AYA NEO Gaming handhelds, and players can down load a range of applications that have been developed. AYA-NEO will promote the ecosystem of small application structures in the future and furnish development help for developers. More convenient Pro mode with variable TDP of 1W base unit gets the balance between performance and battery life. In the future, it will additionally supply a more basic electricity setting solution in the quick putting window. Master multi-functional con- troller management, visual administration center, and speedy settings will be added. AYA Space will also proceed to be upgraded and up to date in the future.

AYANEO OS is an running gadget for gaming handhelds, based totally on Linux’s deep optimization,

AYANEO OS focuses on recreation management and gaming device management, and AYANEO has definitely unbiased mental property rights in Ul format and interactive operation.

Through continuous optimization, upgrading of software, and gaining knowledge of from users, AYANEO brings users fantastic features and experiences, and builds an ideal ecosystem for handheld. AYANEO AIR comes with Windows 11 hooked up via default, and AYANEO OS will be available for down load in the future.

Fingerprint focus for waking-up screen
AYANEO AIR nonetheless use one button to integrate power-on-off characteristic with the wake-up function in its thin & light body, it only wants a mild touch to wake up and release inside 1.5 seconds.

Easily connect to mainstream interfaces and experience the escalating experience
AYANEO AIR stored a 3.5 mm headphone jack in a skinny & mild shell, with broad compatibility and properly durability. AYA-NEO AIR used to be equipped with two full-featured type-c interfaces supporting DP1.4 4K60Hz of video, the Type-C has a faster charging velocity than typical ones, regardless of inserting the front and returned side, assisting two-way electricity input, high-speed transmission and sturdy storage expansion. USB three type TF card reader.

Additional information

Brand Name

Aya Neo






5-inch AMOLED 1920 x 1080 / TP Multi-touch Display

Operating System

Aya OS, Windows

Processor Model

AMD Ryzen 5/7 CPU (Varies by model)

Ram Size




Battery Capacity

7350mAh 28Wh

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